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Around 1 in every 1000 children is born with hearing issues. If your child struggles with paying attention, isn’t forming words as you might expect or needs you to repeat words continually, a hearing test might be a good idea.

Measuring the problem

With young children, it can be hard for parents to work out just how bad their hearing problem might be through questioning. By bringing them to us for an assessment, we can take objective, scientific measurements. These can spot any improvement or deterioration in their condition.

Putting your child at ease

The Hearing Suite here in Harrogate is the opposite of a stark, medical clinic. We don’t wear white coats and try to make the experience as fun as possible. Our children’s hearing test is designed to keep them amused. For example instead of pushing a button when they hear a noise, they put a wooden figure into a boat.

Glue ear and ear wax blockages

Glue ear is caused when the eustachian tubes in the middle ear become blocked with fluid. Eustachian tubes are angled in adults, but flatter in the smaller faces of children. This means it’s harder for the fluid to drain away normally. Glue ear is particularly common in children under the age of seven.

We use micro suction to gently remove any wax, viewing the ear through an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) microscope with 20x magnification. This is the standard used by surgeons. If the condition needs more intervention, such as grommet surgery, we will refer you straight through to our ENT specialist.

Unobtrusive hearing aids for children

We offer the latest in hearing aid technology, including devices children can swim in and even sleep in. If they’re struggling with background noise, we can recommend the right equipment to help.

Help with Auditory Process Disorder

5% of children are affected by Auditory Process Disorder (APD). This causes poor perception of speech and non-speech sounds. There is no formal diagnosis of the condition in the UK. We therefore use tests developed by leading researchers in Australia’s National Acoustics Laboratories. Our rehabilitation sessions can show your family ways to compensate and create a better listening environment.

A fast track to further investigation

Sometimes a hearing problem might be a symptom of something else. We work with an experienced Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and will refer you directly to him.

What our clients say

“My daughter had been struggling with her hearing for a while. The GP had recommended using warm oil but weeks later there was no difference. Emily removed most of the ear wax there and then with micro suction. She then went back a week later after using warm oil to have the rest cleared out and her hearing was fully restored.

I wish we had known about Emily sooner, we can't recommend her highly enough. In my daughter words 'Don't forget to mention that she is the loveliest, kindest person'.”

- Victoria S-D.

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