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From what hearing loss is to how long a consultation at The Hearing Suite will take, find the answers here.

What exactly is hearing loss?

We experience hearing loss when part of the body’s auditory system is stopping or reducing the transmission of sound signals to the brain.

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

  • Saying pardon or asking people to repeat things to you on a regular basis.
  • Mishearing or mis-understanding a word or words that have been said.
  • Increasing the TV volume or relying on subtitles.
  • Missing conversations in noisy environments.
  • Isolating oneself from conversations/events because you don’t understand what is being said.

What is sensorineural hearing loss?

The most common type of hearing loss is sensorineural. This can be genetic, age related or because of excessive noise exposure. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the hair cells in the cochlea (inner ear) become damaged. At present the only way to improve a sensorineural hearing loss is with hearing aids.

What does conductive hearing loss mean?

Conductive hearing loss is where there is a blockage in the auditory system. This may be in the ear canal, the ear drum, the middle ear, or the cochlea (inner ear).

Some conductive hearing loss can be managed with a medical or surgical intervention. We work closely with our ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgeon to offer comprehensive options.

Isn’t hearing loss just down to getting older?

Not at all. People can develop hearing difficulties at any age. Sportspeople such as rugby players and footballers are particularly prone to hearing loss. We also treat children and teenagers.

How often should I have a hearing test?

We recommend going for a hearing test once a year. Your consultation will vary according to your needs, but a diagnostic consultation usually takes between an hour and a half and two hours.

Do you offer free hearing tests?

We feel that ‘free’ hearing tests can make people feel pressured to purchase a hearing solution. This is why we charge for all our initial diagnostic consultations.

Are there hidden extras in the cost of tests and consultations?

No. We state all our fees depending on the service and the expertise you receive.

What are the payment options for hearing solutions?

You can pay for the technology, consultations and adjustment fees as you go. Alternatively, our complete package offers:

  • Technology, distance, telephone and remote solutions.
  • A coaching session with our Hearing Consultant.
  • Three years of a yearly diagnostic test.
  • Four monthly follow ups a year.
  • Unlimited adjustments and unlimited maintenance.

What are your opening times?

We are open here in Harrogate from 10am until 6pm from Monday till Friday. And, 10am until 2pm on a Saturday. We can be flexible though, so tell us what days and times work for you, and we'll make it work.

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Emily Balmer, Founder and lead Audiologist

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