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Turn up the volume on life

Hearing deterioration can happen at any age. Are you turning up the TV volume? Or turning down invitations to noisy places like restaurants? Here in Harrogate we will listen to your concerns before carrying out a thorough hearing test.

A soothing environment

The Hearing Suite is the opposite of a stark, clinical space. We play low-level, peaceful piano music and you’ll be offered a tea or coffee. Even our signature blue décor has been chosen to be as relaxing as possible.

How do you currently manage your hearing?

Firstly, we’ll talk about your lifestyle and what your hopes are for improvement. It could be you want to make sure you’re not missing anything in meetings. Or perhaps you wish to be able to take a more active part in conversations?

The health of your ears

Using the latest technology, we will gently and carefully test the physical health of your outer, middle and inner ear.

Outer ear and ear canal

We’ll examine your outer ear and ear canal with an otoscope. This is a device that we hold up to your earhole and look through. We will check for blockages, including ear wax. The results show up on a video screen which you can see too.

Eustachian tubes

The eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the upper throat and the back of the nasal cavity. Blockages from something like a cold can lead to popping and clicking sensations. Sometimes people feel that the ear is full of something.

Middle ear

It could be that excess fluid in your middle ear is leading to the condition known as glue ear. We use air pressure to check that all the tiny bones in your ear are moving correctly. This can also identify if there are any tiny perforations. You’ll just feel a gentle pressure for a few seconds, as if your ear is a little bit blocked.

Listen for the beep

Your ear bones are held by muscles. Loud sounds make the muscles contract to protect your ear, which is known as the acoustic reflex. We test this by assessing what tones and pitches you can hear. You will also be asked to listen to conversations in quiet and noisy environments to see how much you understand.

Further investigation?

Sometimes a problem with our hearing doesn’t just involve our ears. We work with an experienced Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and can refer you directly to him.

What our clients say

“Emily and I went through my hearing history. It was really quite emotional for me, recognising how much the previous bad experience had impacted on me. Emily did not disappoint, and gave me all of the time that I needed.”

- Nicki E. You can read her full review in her Hear This article. 

The Hearing Suite Consultation

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To book your consultation, please take a look at our book an appointment page. You can also call us in Harrogate on 01423 429 222 or email enquiries@thehearingsuite.co.uk

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