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Live your life to the full with the latest hearing aid technology

Would you like a hearing aid you can sleep in? Swim in? One that connects to your mobile phone, the TV, perhaps even stream audio books? We have the best technology to get your hearing back on track.

Finding the best hearing aid solution for you

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. Maybe you need a hearing aid to sleep in, so you can hear a child crying in the night? Or you’re a doctor who wants to be able to use one in combination with a stethoscope?

We look at the results from your hearing test before assessing the best solution. We can source some amazing devices, including hearing aids that fit under the in-ear monitors (IEMs) used by musicians.

Style assessment and consultation

It’s vital that you’re comfortable with how your hearing aid appears when you wear it. Repeated use helps the brain adapt to the device. Any reluctance to wear your technology will undermine this process. Fortunately the days of ugly, pink plastic hearing aids are gone. Some are almost invisible, with one brand known as ‘the contact lens of the ear’. Find out more in devices

Living well with hearing loss

Our package also includes a session with our Hearing Lifestyle Consultant. They can give further advice and tips to help you in everyday life. Hearing aids don’t give you super hero powers, but there are certain situations where you may have the advantage over those with ‘normal’ hearing!

Help for veterans with hearing problems

Are you a UK veteran who acquired hearing loss during your service? You may qualify for funding to cover the cost of therapies or hearing aids. We helped one veteran who has suffered from tinnitus since 1972. You can find out more at the Veterans Hearing Fund administered by The Royal British Legion.

What our clients say

“Gran is super happy with her new hearing aids and wanted me to say thank you.” - Ed

“After visiting The Hearing Suite, I found a very friendly and welcoming Emily. I was extremely satisfied with the professional first class service. Many thanks 5 stars +” - Robert F.

The Hearing Suite Consultation

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To book your consultation, please take a look at our book an appointment page. You can also call us in Harrogate on 01423 429 222 or email enquiries@thehearingsuite.co.uk

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