Ear Wax Removal

Removing ear wax without olive oil or water

The most common reason for hearing loss is ear wax blockage. Here in our Harrogate clinic we can safely and gently remove obstructions using micro suction. There’s no need for water or olive oil treatments.

Why do we produce ear wax?

The medical name for ear wax is cerumen. It is produced between the ear drum and the outer ear. Little hairs secrete this antibacterial substance which cleans and lubricates the ear. It also helps stop dirt and debris reaching the inner ear.

Why do blockages occur?

In prehistoric times, humans ate more raw produce and gristly meat, meaning we had to really chew our food. Moving our jaws so much helped dislodge excess ear wax naturally.

Can I use a cotton ear bud to remove ear wax?

Cotton buds don’t reach far enough into the ear canal. In fact, sometimes they just end up pushing the ear wax blockage further into the ear. This is why you need professional help to take it out.

How does ear wax micro suction work?

Micro suction uses a tiny hoover to gently lift the wax from the ear canal. There is no need for a syringe, water or treating the ear with olive oil before the procedure. We use an incredibly powerful ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) microscope with 20x magnification, the type used by surgeons. This means we can see your whole ear canal in detail during the procedure.

A soothing environment

When we’re tense, we tend to hold our breath and tighten our muscles. This makes it harder to look into the ear. The Hearing Suite here in Harrogate is designed to be as relaxing as possible. It has calming surroundings, peaceful background music and not a white coat in sight.

Ear wax removal online booking

Cost: £84 per appointment. You can book your appointment online.

What our clients say

“Explained everything in detail as I was nervous and was no rushing at all! Such good value for the service I received. It was a pleasant environment and not remotely clinical. The use of the micro suction was very effective and my hearing has never been so good!”

- Ben B.

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