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 Book your ear wax removal online, with some appointments available on the next working day. Payment is taken when you arrive for your appointment at The Hearing Suite, and the price listed covers wax removal of both ears.


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Removing ear wax without olive oil or water

The most common reason for hearing loss is ear wax blockage. Here in our Harrogate clinic we can safely and gently remove obstructions using micro suction. There’s no need for water or olive oil treatments.

How does ear wax micro suction work?

Micro suction uses a tiny hoover to gently lift the wax from the ear canal. There is no need for a syringe, water or treating the ear with olive oil before the procedure.

We use an incredibly powerful ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) microscope with 20x magnification, the type used by surgeons. This means we can see your whole ear canal in detail during the procedure.

At what stage do I pay for my appointment?

Payment for your wax removal service is taken on the day of your appointment, and only once we have successfully removed the cause of your ear wax blockage.

Does the appointment fee include wax removal of both ears?

Yes. Our £84 appointment fee covers wax removal of both ears.

Is it possible to book a next day appointment?

Yes, subject to availability. Follow our online booking system above, and you can view our available appointments.

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If you have any questions before to your appointment please give us a call on 01423 429 222 or email us at

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