An introduction to lip reading.

With Advanced Audiologist, and Lip Reading Teacher; Helena Milnes.

Hearing loss can impact anyone. For some, it is something they are born with, for others it can be acquired during their life. On occasion, it is caused by illness, a love of music or just a life well lived.

Whilst we have no miraculous cure to restore hearing, living well with hearing loss is a realistic goal. Many assume that a hearing aid will bring back sound to the levels we remember. But for some this needs to be coupled with gadgets, auditory training and lip reading classes.

Helena talks more about lip reading in her article in the Yorkshire Post

At The Hearing Suite we look at all of these things, with an aim to getting your hearing back on track, so we are delighted to launch a 6-week

Introduction to Lipreading on 14th November 2023 at our Harrogate practice at a cost of £99 for the course.

Classes will run on a Tuesday at 1pm, and cover

  • how to recognise visible speech sounds
  • understanding the process of lipreading
  • the factors that make lip reading easier

The classes can be booked below or by calling 01423 429222

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