Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Hearing aids and Bluetooth technology, not just for the ‘Tech Savvy’. The quick advancement within the technological world and hearing aids is something that we at The Hearing Suite find very exciting and intriguing but we understand this may be a little daunting for some when considering the solutions for hearing aids but here are a few reasons why I feel that Bluetooth technology is for all.

What is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid?

For those who love listening to music, podcasts, radio shows etc either through the radio or headphones with a hearing loss will know that they will still miss out on aspects of what they’re listening to, many may headphones regularly even if a hearing aid wearer and find they need to remove their hearing aids to do so, well not anymore.

Bluetooth hearing aids can stream directly to your smartphone allowing you to get a range of functions directly to your hearing aids, including streaming music, getting directions from maps and for your telephone calls just in the way air pods do but at the level you require. Now we recognise not everyone will want to access the same features some may want to just use it for helping with phone calls and to hear the TV just a little better, so they don’t have to be told “it's on too loud” yet again.

Who are they ideal for?

One of the common struggles we come across for people of all ages with hearing loss is a difficulty to hear on the phone which has been more important than ever during the very difficult 18months we have all gone through with COVID 19 when we can't see our loved ones, now with the hearing aids available you can with great ease to talk to those who mean the most and at an amplified level suited to your hearing loss.

I’ve had many clients over the years struggle with adjusting the volume and programs on the back of the hearing aids due to dexterity struggles but with an app on your phone (or remote control for those who wish to keep away from smartphones) you can easily adjust a range of sound features on your hearing whilst visibly seeing what alterations you are making on the screen In front of you with a user-friendly app.

Perfect if you struggle to hear the TV

Another difficulty that we will all have at some point is having the TV at a level that your family finds comfortable or where you don’t feel you could be disturbing the neighbours; the hearing aids can stream directly to a TV connector allowing you to watch programs comfortably and with crisp audio without having to turn the Television up to a high level. TV accessories are as easy to use as turning on a TV.

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-Helena Milnes