Hearing aids in 2024

As we start to wrap up 2023 it is an excellent time to reflect upon the technology we have experienced and look forward to the technology that is to come.
We went into 2023 with hearing aids that had advanced Bluetooth capabilities; the ability to stream music, audiobooks and phone calls with the tap of the ear. Remote microphones, that could stream over many meters, and rechargeable hearing aids that would easily last for 24 hours.
So what has 2023 brought us? We now have the tiniest completely in the canal (CIC) rechargeable hearing aids with the Signia Silk IX. We have the complex processing abilities of the Oticon Real. And the versatility of the Widex Sound assist.

Looking forward, what could be on the agenda for 2024?

My prediction would be new releases from Phonak and Widex. Phonak tends to work on a 2-year cycle, Widex 4; and with releases in 2022 and 2020 respectively it feels like it could be time for something new. I suspect Phonak will be released in late Summer/ Autumn, and Widex in Spring/ Summer.

But what could new releases include? My first guess would be compatibility with AuraCast, the next generation of Bluetooth with audio broadcasting, allowing listening to be shared. I would also like to see more advancements in polar plots and dynamic listening soundscapes, allowing hearing aids even more flexibility to adapt based on a changing acoustic environment. With gimmicks, I suspect we will see more options to translate from different languages.

We won’t know what 2024 will bring until it arrives, but the world of technology is putting more and more emphasis on the listening experience, and I’m confident that this will be to the benefit of people who wear hearing aids.