Hearing test: 3 signs you need one

Our hearing can change and be affected at different stages in our lives. Hearing well helps us socialise and engage with the world. Appreciating the depth of a piece of music, or the punchline in a joke. For most people, the change is gradual. The clarity begins to fade and before we know it we are missing out on the moments we used to enjoy. If you are wondering if and when it’s the right time to get a check, then here are the 3 signs that suggest you need a hearing test.

  1. The volume is creeping up on the television; other people come into the room and want to turn the sound level down.
  2. Needing repetition; you need to hear that word twice, three or maybe four times to be certain what’s been said.
  3. The people around you are mumbling. Whilst people don’t always speak as clearly as they once did, feeling like multiple people mumble is a big indication

Other people already know that they have a hearing loss. Action on hearing loss suggests that after diagnosis you should have a hearing test every 3 years.

At The Hearing Suite, we take our time to ensure we collect a though medical and social history during your hearing test. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to measure your hearing in quiet and in noise to establish a comprehensive picture of your hearing loss. Any additional medical concerns can be addressed by our in-house ENT consultant.

And should you wish to improve your hearing, you can borrow a pair of our hearing aids, from any of the leading manufacturers to try out in real life. By wearing them at home you can compare and contrast to your previous hearing aids or hearing as it was.

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