Hospitality meets Healthcare - #WorldHearingDay

It’s World Hearing Day, and we really wanted to explore the question of hospitality in healthcare. Why would an audiology centre or a hearing clinic care about interior design? How do we make sure that everyone who walks through the door feels comfortable, and why The Hearing Suite anyway?

The little things

People always notice the little things about The Hearing Suite, that make us different. They always comment on the navy walls, always get excited about the technology and they really love our coffee! But why are these elements so important?

“I always dreamed of creating the perfect centre for audiology, with a real focus on customer service and wellbeing. I didn’t want somewhere that would be rushing through clients, and I didn’t want people to feel nervous to come here!” said Emily; our founder and Director of Audiology.

It's all about the experience

The Hearing Suite needs to be an experience for our clients. We want a space that is the very best clinically, but in no way intimidating or daunting. And it matters, because we know that so many people are nervous about having their hearing tested. People can put off their hearing test for years, and can even suffer with hearing loss rather than get help. So we created a more welcoming space, that gets people excited rather than nervous. Comfortable, rather than anxious.

We love that our clients come in and see us, and always have time for a chat. Because it’s when they’re chatting and telling us about work and family life, that we can really figure out the right solution for them. Do you need the Phonak Marvel? Or, perhaps the invisible hearing aid, Lyric? Do you find it hard in the office to hear your colleagues in meetings, or are family getting frustrated with how high you have the tv volume? These are all such important things in finding the right hearing solutions, but we’ll only find out when you feel comfortable enough to tell us.

A warm welcome

A nice Suite and a warm welcome, also means that children feel comfortable when visiting us. We know how intimidating a white coat and shiny white walls can be to a small person, and love that instead of being scared, our younger patients are excited to see Emily!

“…. I wish we had known about Emily sooner, we can't recommend her highly enough. In my daughter words 'Don't forget to mention that she is the loveliest, kindest person'. – Victoria Smith-Dunn