What should I do if I find a lost hearing aid?

Lost hearing aids; from time to time, people do lose their hearing aids. They can be bundled up in a tissue, or pinched by an overzealous pet. But these occasions were few and far between.

During the pandemic, we have seen a big increase in people losing their hearing aids, and we suspect that face masks, resting behind people’s ears have been a contributing factor.
The saddest part of the story is that many hearing aids are found, and handed into supermarkets and doctors’ surgeries. But getting them back to their owners is a difficult task, and many of these hearing aids are ultimately disposed of.

That’s why we, at The Hearing Suite here in Harrogate are championing a change.

We have started a campaign for found hearing aids to be sent to us; we have the resources and contacts to get in touch with the right hearing aid manufacturers and establish where the hearing aid was issued. We also have systems in place to take details of people who are looking for their hearing aid, so that if they are returned to us we can get the back to their owner.

So, what do you do if you find a hearing aid? Pop it in an envelope with FREEPOST The Hearing Suite written on the front, and drop it into a post box. No stamp or further postage is required.

If you lose a hearing aid you can call 01423 429222 or email jan@thehearingsuite.co.uk and we will take details of the hearing aid if it is sent into us. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook group Harrogate Lost Hearing Aids.

We hope that we can reunite hearing aids with their owners. If we, can’t we will store them safely for 6 months, then send them to the Starkey Foundation. A charity that helps people with hearing loss in developing countries.