Lyric, the contact lens for the ear

Lyric, by Phonak, our Swiss manufacturer offers a revolution in hearing care.

Measuring a tiny 12mm, the contact lens for the ear (as it is often known) is completely invisible once in place. Sitting just 4mm from the ear drum.

It can be worn for weeks at a time, to shower, swim and enjoy life in. Although we can never fully restore your natural hearing, it is the closest thing to you being able to forget you have a hearing loss.

With analogue processing and no delays, it gives a natural sound quality, often appreciated by musicians. Headphones and ear protection sit comfortably on top of Lyric, the telephone can be held directly to your ear.

Each day you can wake up immediately hearing the world around you, from bird song to (hopefully) the offer of a cup of tea.

I'm particularly passionate about Lyric because I led the clinical team for Phonak before I opened The Hearing Suite. I trained and supported new centres and got to see the surprise and delight of audiologists and their patients up and down the country.

With under 100 locations in the UK and Ireland, it is only fitted by highly experienced clinicians. Here, at The Hearing Suite Dr Laura, Helena and I all fit Lyric.

Lyric is also my 'go to' option for building people hearing back in when we manage their tinnitus. I find that for an extraordinary number of people it takes the edge of their tinnitus, giving them much more control over it in their day to day life.

Just like our other hearing aids, we encourage people to try Lyric in real life before they decide if it's for them. To book a consultation and try Lyric for yourself follow this link.