Tinnitus Week 2023

Every year we run a series of events for Tinnitus Week, championed by Tinnitus UK (formerly known as the British Tinnitus Association).

Tinnitus, that ringing or buzzing in your ears affects 1 in 8 of us. For some, their tinnitus ebs and flows in their day to day life; for others it causes a great deal of distress.

This year is no different, we have 3 events in March and some fabulous speakers to introduce you to.

Monday 6th March 4.30pm Harrogate

The first is Dr James Jackson; one of the finest tinnitus researchers of our time. James will be sharing his perspective and talking about why tinnitus is more than just a noise.


Thursday 9th March 4pm Harrogate

Next, The Hearing Suite's own Dr Laura Carter, and Emily Woodmansey. Talking on tinnitus in 2023, treatment options and their latest collaborations to offer more comprehensive care.


Friday 10th March 11am Ilkley

Followed by Claire Hurst, who will be talking about tinnitus and how acupuncture can assist in its management.


Places to all three events are complimentary and can be booked here.

If you would like to find out more about managing your tinnitus you can find out more on our website, or arrange a consultation.