Welcoming Dr Daniel

Hello there! My name is Dr. Oluyinka Daniel Eniola, and I am thrilled to welcome you to have
a read about myself. It’s been quite the experience to get here and I’m excited to share my
insights, personal experiences and passion for ear care and audiology with you.

Quite an introduction!!!

Let me begin by giving you a glance into my background. I’m a Medical Doctor who
graduated from the prestigious Francisco Q Duque Medical Foundation In the Philippines.
The enriching experience both from the wonderful nation of the Philippines and the
education I received served as a bedrock for my healthcare career. After earning my degree
in Medicine, I realised, that healthcare is not only at the individual level, it starts from the
community and extends globally, this led me to pursue a Master's in Public Health and
Health Promotions at Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom. This education
broadened my knowledge of the importance of healthcare at the community level.
My journey didn’t stop there, Prior to my Medical Degree, I earned a Bachelor's Degree In
Biology from Lyceum Northwestern University,` which equipped me with a strong foundation
in life sciences.

Why Ear Care and Audiology?
You might wonder why I chose to specialise in ear care and audiology. Well, the human
sense of hearing is a remarkable gift, and it's something many of us take for granted until we
face issues with our ears. Hearing is not just about perceiving sounds; it's about
communication, experiencing the world around us, and maintaining a high quality of life. Ear
care and audiology play a crucial role in preserving and enhancing this precious sense.
Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of helping countless clients regain their
hearing or manage ear-related conditions. These experiences have not only reinforced my
passion for this field but have also ignited a desire to educate and empower individuals to
prioritise their ear health.

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