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Lost Hearing Aids

Lost Hearing Aids

Lost hearing aids; from time to time, people do lose their hearing aids. They can be bundled up in a tissue, or pinched by an overzealous pet. But these occasions were few and far between.

During the pandemic, we have seen a big increase in people losing their hearing aids, and we suspect that face masks, resting behind people’s ears have been a contributing factor.
The saddest part of the story is that many hearing aids are found, and handed into supermarkets and doctors’ surgeries. But getting them back to their owners is a difficult task, and many of these hearing aids are ultimately disposed of.

That’s why we, at The Hearing Suite here in Harrogate are championing a change.

We have started a campaign for found hearing aids to be sent to us; we have the resources and contacts to get in touch with the right hearing aid manufacturers and establish where the hearing aid was issued. We also have systems in place to take details of people who are looking for their hearing aid, so that if they are returned to us we can get the back to their owner.

So, what do you do if you find a hearing aid? Pop it in an envelope with FREEPOST The Hearing Suite written on the front, and drop it into a post box. No stamp or further postage is required.

If you lose a hearing aid you can call 01423 429222 or email and we will take details of the hearing aid if it is sent into us. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook group Harrogate Lost Hearing Aids.

We hope that we can reunite hearing aids with their owners. If we, can’t we will store them safely for 6 months, then send them to the Starkey Foundation. A charity that helps people with hearing loss in developing countries.

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Lyric, the contact lens for the ear

Lyric, the contact lens for the ear

Lyric, by Phonak, our Swiss manufacturer offers a revolution in hearing care.

Measuring a tiny 12mm, the contact lens for the ear (as it is often known) is completely invisible once in place. Sitting just 4mm from the ear drum.

It can be worn for weeks at a time, to shower, swim and enjoy life in. Although we can never fully restore your natural hearing, it is the closest thing to you being able to forget you have a hearing loss.

With analogue processing and no delays, it gives a natural sound quality, often appreciated by musicians. Headphones and ear protection sit comfortably on top of Lyric, the telephone can be held directly to your ear.

Each day you can wake up immediately hearing the world around you, from bird song to (hopefully) the offer of a cup of tea.

I'm particularly passionate about Lyric because I led the clinical team for Phonak before I opened The Hearing Suite. I trained and supported new centres and got to see the surprise and delight of audiologists and their patients up and down the country.

With under 100 locations in the UK and Ireland, it is only fitted by highly experienced clinicians. Here, at The Hearing Suite Dr Laura, Helena and I all fit Lyric.

Lyric is also my 'go to' option for building people hearing back in when we manage their tinnitus. I find that for an extraordinary number of people it takes the edge of their tinnitus, giving them much more control over it in their day to day life.

Just like our other hearing aids, we encourage people to try Lyric in real life before they decide if it's for them. To book a consultation and try Lyric for yourself follow this link.


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Ear wax 101 with Dr Laura Carter

Ear wax 101 with Dr Laura Carter

What is ear wax and what causes it to build up?

Ear wax, also called cerumen, is produced by glands in the ear canal. It serves as a natural barrier to protect our ears by trapping dust, bacteria, and other debris. Typically, the wax migrates out of the ear freely, as the skin cells lining the ear canal grow in an outward direction. However, it can sometimes build up excessively, even to the point of impaction. Some people are more prone to this than others. Wearing hearing aids, frequently using ear plugs or ear buds, and having narrow ear canals can prevent wax from shedding out of the ear naturally. Using items like cotton buds to attempt to remove wax can also cause impaction by pushing wax deeper into the canal.

What to do if you suspect a buildup of wax

Signs of wax impaction include muffled hearing, tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear), itchiness, and a feeling of fullness in the ear. Sometimes people use drops or other remedies to attempt to remove the wax at home. Unfortunately, these often do not clear the wax and can potentially make the problem worse. Visiting a healthcare professional is the best course of action if you suspect a wax impaction. Under appropriate lighting and magnification (such as a microscope), a healthcare provider can use methods including microsuction, irrigation, or a small instrument called a curette.

What is microsuction?

Microsuction is a gentle and effective method for wax removal in which the clinician uses a suction device to pull the wax out while viewing the ear canal through a microscope. Since the clinician is able to maintain a clear view of the ear canal throughout the procedure, microsuction tends to be safer than other methods of wax removal. The procedure should be painless, so let your clinician know if you experience any discomfort. Your clinician will explain how to properly care for the ears after the procedure.

Should I use drops before microsuction?

Some methods of wax removal, like irrigation, require the wax to be softened using drops before the procedure. With microsuction, it is best to avoid putting any drops in your ear before your appointment. Depending on the texture of the wax, using drops (or using the wrong type of drops) can make the procedure more difficult. Your clinician may use some drops after examining the ear and determining which type of drop will be most appropriate.


Impacted ear wax can be unpleasant but treated easily by a trained professional. You can book your next microsuction appointment here.


-Dr Laura

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Helena Milnes; an introduction

Helena Milnes; an introduction

Helena Milnes.

A little introduction to myself before we meet in person, I am originally from a little village just outside of Beverley. I lived in London for a number of years before returning to Yorkshire where I’ve lived for the past 8 years in Upper Poppleton with my partner and two little dogs, who make sure I get to explore plenty of walks and pub dinners around our lovely county.

I have a great passion for music which taught me from a young age the importance of listening and why hearing as well as possible is so important. I qualified in 2015 and have been working with a mixture of NHS, private hearing assessments, hearing protection and wax requirements but the majority of my experience is with technology and finding the best fit for each of my client's individual needs.

After having a senior role in my previous position I have chosen to work part-time so I can split my time with my other passion of hand-thrown ceramics whilst still being able to enjoy my first love of audiology. I look forward to meeting you and seeing what together we can achieve to get the best from your ears!

-Helena Milnes


A note from Emily

Helena's reputation proceeded her. We had several mutual friends and colleagues and when I heard that she was exploring the possibility of a part-time position I jumped at the chance to meet her.

Helena is charismatic but calm, a cool head who can assess multiple options quickly and make good decisions. All really important characteristics in an Audiologist. Watching her work I am most proud of the way she listens to her clients, gets to know them and tailors their needs into their care.

I feel very privileged to work with her and confident that you will enjoy every moment of her audiological care and expertise.

You can book your appointment with Helena here.

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Tinnitus Week 2022

Tinnitus Week 2022

Tinnitus Week 2022 will run from 7th to 13th February.

Led by the British Tinnitus Association it's a great time to find out more about tinnitus, who it affects and ways to live well with it.

Here at The Hearing Suite we will be hosting 3 complimentary events with Emily, our director of audiology and tinnitus specialist.

Tinnitus: An Introduction Monday, 7th February 2022 3:00-5:00 PM

This event will provide an overview on the subject on tinnitus, including what causes and contributes to tinnitus, how it impacts quality of life, and an introduction to some treatment options.

Tickets available here

Tinnitus and Stress Wednesday, 9th February 2022 1:00-3:00 PM

Tinnitus and stress are known to be closely linked. This event will offer insights into the relationship between tinnitus and stress, and how stress management can in turn help to reduce the perceived intensity and burden of tinnitus.

Tickets available here

 Tinnitus: Options in 2022 Thursday, 10th February 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Management of tinnitus often requires a multifaceted approach. This event will provide education on the evidence-based tools and treatment options currently available for tinnitus.

Tickets available here

The Tinnitus week events will be hosted at The Hearing Suite, 52 East Parade, Harrogate, HG1 5LT. Places will be limited to 6 per event. Please note attendees will be required to wear a face covering. Team members at The Hearing Suite wear visors to allow for clients who lip read.

If you would prefer a private consultation to talk about your tinnitus you can book in with Emily here.

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Hearing test; 3 signs you need one

Hearing test: 3 signs you need one

Our hearing can change and be affected at different stages in our lives. Hearing well helps us socialise and engage with the world. Appreciating the depth of a piece of music, or the punchline in a joke. For most people, the change is gradual. The clarity begins to fade and before we know it we are missing out on the moments we used to enjoy. If you are wondering if and when it’s the right time to get a check, then here are the 3 signs that suggest you need a hearing test.

  1. The volume is creeping up on the television; other people come into the room and want to turn the sound level down.
  2. Needing repetition; you need to hear that word twice, three or maybe four times to be certain what’s been said.
  3. The people around you are mumbling. Whilst people don’t always speak as clearly as they once did, feeling like multiple people mumble is a big indication

Other people already know that they have a hearing loss. Action on hearing loss suggests that after diagnosis you should have a hearing test every 3 years.

At The Hearing Suite, we take our time to ensure we collect a though medical and social history during your hearing test. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to measure your hearing in quiet and in noise to establish a comprehensive picture of your hearing loss. Any additional medical concerns can be addressed by our in-house ENT consultant.

And should you wish to improve your hearing, you can borrow a pair of our hearing aids, from any of the leading manufacturers to try out in real life. By wearing them at home you can compare and contrast to your previous hearing aids or hearing as it was.

To book your consultation you can go to our booking page or call 01423 429222

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Ear syringing, a thing of the past?

Ear syringing, a thing of the past?

Ear Syringing. We have had our ears syringed for decades, from that silver syringe we recall from childhood to the gently pulsing machine of later years. It's now increasingly challenging to find places that syringe ears.

But why is that, and what is the alternative?

Syringing, or irrigation as it's often known. Is the process where water is gently pumped into the ears, flushing the wax out. The ear wax need to be very soft for this to happen(hence the olive oil that's required in advance).

But this isn't without its challenges.

With ear syringing, the clinician can't look into the ear as the water goes in. Water also comes with an increased risk of infection. A clinician or nurse who syringes regularly probably has an excellent success rate, but others can end up with plaques of wax sticking to the eardrum.

The alternative? Microsuction. Used by ENT consultants for many years, the process where the clinician can see exactly what they are doing, as they do it. Gently vacuuming the wax out of the ear canal. It's safer and more comfortable. And best of all oil or drops can be added during the procedure, removing the need for weeks of olive oil and that additional blocked feeling.

When you arrange microsuction it is worth asking your clinician about the magnification they use for the procedure. The higher the magnification the safer and more precise the wax removal will be. Head-worn loupes typically have a magnification of 3.5x. Endoscopes (which are often attached to an iPhone) have a magnification of 8x. The gold standard is an ENT microscope, with a magnification of 20x.

Here at The Hearing Suite we are proud to have two ENT microscopes which we use for all of our procedures.

Maybe it's time for your next wax removal appointment? Click here to book

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The Hearing Suite, a warm welcome.

The Hearing Suite

The Hearing Suite is a luxurious audiology practice, based in the heart of High Harrogate. Founded by Emily in 2018 who wanted a practice where people would receive bespoke treatment to get their hearing back on track. Emily's Linkedin.

Since then, the practice has grown. First with the addition of ENT consultant Mr Mace. Then more recently when audiologists Helena and Laura joined us. Read our story

Time is so important at The Hearing Suite. We never like to rush, allowing our clients the opportunity to share their hopes and aspirations for their hearing. Some people have both complex and emotional histories to share. No two people are alike. So once we have made our recommendations, we encourage you to borrow a pair of hearing aids for a few weeks. That way you can try them out when you go to the theatre, at drinks with friends and on the golf course.

As an independent practice, we work with all of the hearing aid manufacturers. Offering top of the range technology, ranging from tiny devices to pop into your ears. Rechargeable hearing aids and even Lyric the invisible hearing aid you wear 24/7.

We also offer micro-suction ear wax removal. Using the highest magnification ENT microscopes to gently remove wax blockages from your ears. Without the need to apply olive oil for weeks on end.

Above all things, we love having a small group of very happy people.


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Keeping your hearing safe at a festival

Keeping your hearing safe at a festival

For many of us, music isn’t just a form of entertainment, it’s a part of life. It can create an energy, it can lift your mood, it can be a form of escapism. It’s a beautiful art form, and even a universal language. It’s a big part of our social scene, and can be a real connector of people.

But unfortunately, it’s inevitable that if you frequently listen to music that’s too loud, you will cause long term damage to your hearing. Especially for extended amounts of time, like at a festival for example!

We can listen to 85 decibels of noise for around 10 hours safely. And if you can imagine that the standard speaking voice is around 65 decibels, you can appreciate how loud a festival actually is. An average outdoor music festival is expected to reach 120 decibels! But there are ways to enjoy these events, whilst still preserving our hearing, and preventing that dreaded ringing.

1. Wear earplugs!

Earplugs are an efficient and easy way of preventing noise damage. It can be very discreet, and means that although the music will be subdued, you can still be in the heart of all the action. Some people don’t like this option because they think that it will affect the quality of the music, but we can assure you that if you choose the right ear plugs, it doesn’t. The music will of course be quieter, but the quality of the sound will go unaffected. If you’re a frequent festival goer, or even a performer, it could be that a pair of custom plugs would be better suited.

2. Take a break.

We don’t mean to put a dampener on your fun, but there’s always a filler set at a festival! And this could be the time to move away from the speakers, so your ears aren’t constantly exposed to noise. Take this time to pop to the toilets, grab a drink, or eat some food, but try and consciously do this away from the excessive sound.

3. Measure the noise.

Your smartphone can record noise levels, and can be such a good way of keeping your hearing in check. Download an app and not only will you see what level the noise is at, but you’ll also get the helpful red flashing light when the noise levels have become dangerous. This option is particularly great for younger children too, who might need something more visual.

We really hope this helps, but if you’d like a bit more support around noise protection, or if you have some specific questions, please do get in touch. We’d love to help. Enjoy the festival!

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Do I need Ear Wax Removal?

Do I need Ear Wax Removal?

At The Hearing Suite, we want to be the go to place for ear wax removal in Harrogate. In fact, the go to place for ear wax removal in Yorkshire! Because we know you’ve heard it, but cotton buds just won’t do it! When you use cotton buds in your ear, for every bit of wax removed, you push about twice as much further in. So although it’s a bit tempting, do stop trying to clean your ears at home.

At The Hearing Suite, we use micro-suction to remove excess wax build up, which is essentially a tiny hoover. There’s no need for water, and it’s a really simple process that is done right here in the Suite. But when should you be getting booked in for a wax removal?

1. If you notice hearing loss

If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves, or find yourself turning up the volume on the television, it’s time to get your hearing checked. Book in for a test, or even try our online Hearing Test at home. It might be that the problem is just a build-up of wax, that we can fix quite easily with micro-suction. And if it’s not a wax problem, you’ll be in the right place for us to help you out!

2. If you feel a pressure or pain in your ears

If you’re feeling pain or pressure in your ears, it might be that you have a build-up of excess wax, that is feeling quite uncomfortable. Book in for an appointment and we’ll first of all check inside your ears with a microscope. If there is a wax build up, we can fix the problem straight away using micro-suction.

3. If you’re experiencing tinnitus or ringing in your ears.

We’ve probably all experienced ringing in our ears, usually after a loud concert or party. But if you’re finding this happening a lot more often, we should definitely be checking for a wax build up. It’s very common for people to straight away assume that the problem is tinnitus, but it’s worth us just checking you out for excess wax first. If the problem isn’t wax, we can explore other possible causes.

4. If you notice a whistling in your hearing aid.

Adjusting to life with a hearing aid can be different to what people are expecting. It’s not always as simple as just popping it in. But imagine having to deal with a loud whistling sound through your ear! If you’re noticing a whistling sound, somethings not right. It might be that the hearing aid isn’t fitted correctly, or it might actually be that you have a wax build up, which is preventing the sound from travelling. A quick micro-suction could fix the problem.

5. If you’re feeling dizzy or off balance

Feeling dizzy or off balance, can be a symptom of so many things. So do seek medical attention from your GP if it’s persistent. However, feeling dizzy combined with other things on this list, could be a symptom of wax build up. Book in for a consultation and let’s see if micro-suction could help!

A special thank you to Stray FM who recently had us on their Health & Wellbeing Show to talk all about ear wax removal.

If its time to book your next wax removal then click here to choose a convenient time for you.

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