Do I need Ear Wax Removal?

At The Hearing Suite, we want to be the go to place for ear wax removal in Harrogate. In fact, the go to place for ear wax removal in Yorkshire! Because we know you’ve heard it, but cotton buds just won’t do it! When you use cotton buds in your ear, for every bit of wax removed, you push about twice as much further in. So although it’s a bit tempting, do stop trying to clean your ears at home.

At The Hearing Suite, we use micro-suction to remove excess wax build up, which is essentially a tiny hoover. There’s no need for water, and it’s a really simple process that is done right here in the Suite. But when should you be getting booked in for a wax removal?

1. If you notice hearing loss

If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves, or find yourself turning up the volume on the television, it’s time to get your hearing checked. Book in for a test, or even try our online Hearing Test at home. It might be that the problem is just a build-up of wax, that we can fix quite easily with micro-suction. And if it’s not a wax problem, you’ll be in the right place for us to help you out!

2. If you feel a pressure or pain in your ears

If you’re feeling pain or pressure in your ears, it might be that you have a build-up of excess wax, that is feeling quite uncomfortable. Book in for an appointment and we’ll first of all check inside your ears with a microscope. If there is a wax build up, we can fix the problem straight away using micro-suction.

3. If you’re experiencing tinnitus or ringing in your ears.

We’ve probably all experienced ringing in our ears, usually after a loud concert or party. But if you’re finding this happening a lot more often, we should definitely be checking for a wax build up. It’s very common for people to straight away assume that the problem is tinnitus, but it’s worth us just checking you out for excess wax first. If the problem isn’t wax, we can explore other possible causes.

4. If you notice a whistling in your hearing aid.

Adjusting to life with a hearing aid can be different to what people are expecting. It’s not always as simple as just popping it in. But imagine having to deal with a loud whistling sound through your ear! If you’re noticing a whistling sound, somethings not right. It might be that the hearing aid isn’t fitted correctly, or it might actually be that you have a wax build up, which is preventing the sound from travelling. A quick micro-suction could fix the problem.

5. If you’re feeling dizzy or off balance

Feeling dizzy or off balance, can be a symptom of so many things. So do seek medical attention from your GP if it’s persistent. However, feeling dizzy combined with other things on this list, could be a symptom of wax build up. Book in for a consultation and let’s see if micro-suction could help!

A special thank you to Stray FM who recently had us on their Health & Wellbeing Show to talk all about ear wax removal.

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