Tinnitus; those ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear affects around 1 in every 8 of us.

For most people its just a part of them, fading into the background as they go about their day to day lives. But for a small group it can be bothersome and distressing. Many of these people have been told there is little that can be done to help them, however there are structured approaches that can give back control.

At The Hearing Suite our tinnitus specialists Emily and Laura work through three main areas to help people take back control.


Before we can start to manage someone’s tinnitus, we have to understand why it is there. We need to understand what else was happening when it started, how long its been present, how healthy each part of the ear is, and the pitch of the tinnitus itself.

From there we can decide if we need further investigation from our ENT consultant. Then is looking at the resources and learning that might benefit the individual.

We find that the resources and information from the British Tinnitus Association

Sound enrichment

If there is hearing to build back in we always do that first. If we can stop someone straining to hear then it takes pressure from the auditory system. A trial of one of our invisible hearing aids like Lyric is often a great place to start.

If the hearing is perfect we can start to explore things like ear level maskers with fractal tones or notch therapy.

Stress management

We often find that stress is intrinsically linked to tinnitus. Getting people to restart a hobby, or take a little time for them is often hugely beneficial. There is also a strong evidence base for mindfulness and other types of relaxation reducing tinnitus. We tend to recommend based on the motivations and interests of the individual.


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