Technology to turn up the volume on life

We offer the world’s best hearing aids. These hearing devices are light, durable and almost invisible.

Everyday listening for everyday sounds

From a baby giggling to the roar of waves crashing on a beach, life is full of uplifting sounds. We have devices to improve hearing in any environment, including talking on the telephone, business meetings, busy restaurants to television time on the sofa.

For your ears only

Just like James Bond’s Q, the world of audiology is always inventing new solutions for hearing loss. We only work with the best. Our excellent ties with the leading brands mean we are well-informed as to the latest technological breakthroughs.

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Discreet hearing aids

Don’t settle for a hearing aid that announces your hearing loss to the world. We specialise in hassle-free, unobtrusive hearing aids that deliver clear, natural sound.

Discreet Hearing Aids

Maximising meetings

Our unassuming amplifier means you won’t miss a word of your business meeting. Resembling a pen, just place it at the centre of the table to boost what you hear.


Harmonious evenings in front of the television

Is your family exasperated when you turn up the TV’s volume or switch on subtitles? Our assistive listening devices work with your hearing aid or headphones and use WIFI and Bluetooth. The result? A more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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The Hearing Suite Brand Logos

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The Hearing Suite

Turn up the volume on your life. We offer unrivalled care to improve your hearing. We can also help with tinnitus, ear wax, noise protection and other hearing issues. We don’t just hear, we listen.

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