New Clinic Now Open in Ilkley!

The Hearing Suite has opened a brand new audiology clinic. We've launched a second location in Ilkley, Yorkshire, about 35 minutes west of our popular clinic in Harrogate. The doors opened on the 10th of September, the 4th anniversary of the opening of our Harrogate location.

Hearing Tests, Ear Wax Removal, ENT and More!

Our founder Emily, also our director of audiology, grew up in Ilkley. She designed The Hearing Suite to be a special place where her audiological care isn’t rushed or driven by targets, an environment where she could really get to know her clients, enabling her to make the best recommendations and support people throughout their journey to better hearing.

Initially stationed at Mowbray Square medical centre, the first Hearing Suite quickly outgrew its single room environment when we added our ENT (ear, nose and throat) consultant Mr Mace to the team. Within the year the business had moved around the corner to its current location on East Parade, which now has four clinic rooms (two with testing booths) and ENT microscopes to offer the very best and latest in diagnostic testing. The team has continued to grow, along with our reputation for service.

Having grown up in Ilkley, Emily recognised that many of her current patients are making the journey from West Yorkshire to Harrogate and a closer practice would benefit them: “Our Harrogate practice is thriving, our ethos is firmly grounded in having a small group of very happy people, and right now Ilkley doesn’t have a full time, dedicated audiology practice. I’m excited to share our brand of audiology with the people of my home town.”

Our New Clinic

The Ilkley clinic has a dedicated ear wax removal room on the ground floor, along with a full testing suite on the first floor. The clinic offers the same services as the Harrogate branch, including hearing consultations, tinnitus management, and hearing aids from all the best manufacturers. Our selection includes a wide variety of  rechargeable hearing aids, including Lyric, the invisible hearing aid you wear 24/7. We have devices to improve hearing in any environment, including talking on the telephone, business meetings, busy restaurants to television time on the sofa. Once we have made our recommendations, we encourage you to borrow a pair of hearing aids for a few weeks. This enables you to try them out in a variety of settings as you go about your usual routine.

We also offer hearing protection products. Working or spending leisure time in noisy environments can put your hearing at risk. We have access to the latest noise-reducing technology and bespoke swimming and sleeping ear plugs. Ear health can affect your balance too. We can assess the causes of imbalance, dizziness or vertigo and suggest rehabilitation exercises. Our ENT microscopes with x20 magnification help us to remove wax blockages from your ears with precision and gentle care, and allow us to thoroughly inspect your outer ears for any signs of ill health.

Taking The Time To Listen

The experts at the Hearing Suite are here to help get your hearing back on track. We take the time to understand your history, hopes and challenges. How is hearing loss impacting your life? What places and people do you want to hear more of? What kind of lifestyle do you have – sporty, cultural? This allows us to tailor the right solution for you.

The audiologist you see will be your consistent point of contact. If you choose our comprehensive care package, they will perform your annual hearing test, as well as an ear wax removal procedure every three months.

The Hearing Suite - We don’t just hear, we listen.


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