The Hearing Suite

The Hearing Suite is a luxurious audiology practice, based in the heart of High Harrogate. Founded by Emily in 2018 who wanted a practice where people would receive bespoke treatment to get their hearing back on track. Emily's Linkedin.

Since then, the practice has grown. First with the addition of ENT consultant Mr Mace. Then more recently when audiologists Helena and Laura joined us. Read our story

Time is so important at The Hearing Suite. We never like to rush, allowing our clients the opportunity to share their hopes and aspirations for their hearing. Some people have both complex and emotional histories to share. No two people are alike. So once we have made our recommendations, we encourage you to borrow a pair of hearing aids for a few weeks. That way you can try them out when you go to the theatre, at drinks with friends and on the golf course.

As an independent practice, we work with all of the hearing aid manufacturers. Offering top of the range technology, ranging from tiny devices to pop into your ears. Rechargeable hearing aids and even Lyric the invisible hearing aid you wear 24/7.

We also offer micro-suction ear wax removal. Using the highest magnification ENT microscopes to gently remove wax blockages from your ears. Without the need to apply olive oil for weeks on end.

Above all things, we love having a small group of very happy people.